5 Good Reasons why SHOULD start a blog.

     According to Statista Inc., one of the leading statistics company on the internet, as of the year 2016, there are already 2.2 billion social media users all around the world. I know this would be me stating the obvious, but that’s a lot of people.

    Sadly, a large part of that demographic is not occupied by blogging sites like this. It’s sad because I believe that blogging can be so powerful if only used properly. Instead of devoting your time sharing videos on Facebook about cats or recipes we both know you’ll never try, why not try to start a blog and actually benefit from it?

Here are 5 good reasons on why you should start a blog:

It serves as your portfolio.

  •  Blogs can reflect your interest, intellectual background, skills, and work ethics. If you’re a college undergrad or even a graduate, having a blog can give you an advantage when looking for a job compared to those who doesn’t have one. Employers would usually ask for a working experience, and for undergrads and fresh graduates, what experience do they have aside from the internship? Having a blog that is regularly updated could show that you’re socially aware and that you are creative with a good intellectual background.

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Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Vanilla CB

Hey there! How are you all doing? I hope you’re all doing well.

As for myself, I was just done with my finals and I really thought that I’d still have some time to rest a bit–but of course, life is unfair and I wasn’t able to get even a week’s worth of rest.

I am quite stressed out right now especially after having a not-so-emergency “emergency flight” to Manila in order to attend an interview for my internship. The plane fare was super expensive, the trip was on the same freakin’ day as my interview–and on top of all that, I’m broke and breaking out.

And yes, I passed the interview so even if I was broke (I’m using “was” but TBH I’m still broke), I still celebrated with a cupcake and a cup of coffee.

The interview was in Alabang so I went straight to Alabang Town Center. There, I found one of the cutest cafes I’ve seen so far: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.


I had a hot cappuccino which came with, again, one of the cutest cups I’ve seen. My friend and I also shared a Fudge Brownie Cupcake which according to our server, was their best seller.


The ambiance, the service, and the coffee was great! Everything’s cute and Instagram-friendly so if you’re into Instagram you might want to check them out.

If there’s one bad thing to say about them though, it would be towards the “Best Seller Cupcake”. I really feel bad about it but it was too sweet for my personal taste. My friend who had a sweet tooth found it too sweet as well.

Putting that one flaw aside though, I could still say that the experience was super nice and I’d consider going back.


Kulyatan Adventure

Copy of NYC

Now just a short disclaimer, I’m not one of those legit/filthy rich bloggers who goes on adventures every single day. The only reason that I happen to stumble upon this paradise was because of school work.

We’re currently shooting a teaser for our “TV Series” and Kulyatan Marine Sanctuary happened to be THE perfect place to shoot our underwater and seaside scenes. I don’t want to bore you with regards to our shoot’s details. So without further ado, here’s a couple (and more) pictures of this wonderland.


Alright, now you might wanna know how to get here…

If you’re coming from the city, all you need to do is ride the “San Joaquin-Lawigan” jeepney. They’re usually parked at the terminal near Robinson’s Supermarket or as locals refer to it as “Super”.

Make sure that the jeepney’s route is up to Lawigan because otherwise, you won’t see even an inch of Kulyatan. But if you do this one and only step, you’d be in Kulyatan Marine Sanctuary in no time for only P40-P50.

The travel time is approximately 3 hours. I’m not very sure about this one since I visited this place coming from Miag ao (a town away from San Joaquin) but if three hours is too much for you, I’m telling you that it’s all worth it.


SUPER Affordable Rates

The signages and facilities may not look like much but the overall experience and ambiance of the place is breathtaking enough. The water is so clear that you’d see fishes and other sea creatures swimming happily everywhere.

When we first came there, we even thought that the water’s not that deep because we can clearly see the ocean floor but we’ve never been so wrong. The water WAS DEEP, no pun intended.

This place is quite isolated so be prepared to pack your lunch/snacks/dinner because there’s no diner or restaurant near the place. Just make sure that you clean up after yourself to make sure that the marine animals are safe and protected. You should also avoid using straws, plastic utensils, and other disposable materials–we don’t want those stuff ruining this paradise do we?

I’ve been telling you good things about this place but don’t think it’s all fun and games. The catch is that going back to the city on a day-trip may be a struggle. The number of public utility vehicles that passes through Kulyatan is fairly limited. So if you stay after 4 o’ clock PM, expect to wait until 7:00 PM to ride the bus (Ceres Liner) home.

So is this part of your bucket list now? 🙂

Do you know more beautiful places in the Philippines? Comment it down below!


FOODTOGRAPHY (Food + Photography)

DISCLAIMER: Shots are captured using only Lenovo-a7000+ smartphone.


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Knowing your worth is not enough


Knowing your worth

I am not so sure about you guys, but ever since I hit puberty, I was constantly reminded, by my mom and friends, to know my worth. My worth as a girl, my worth as a person.

They said that only by knowing this would one find herself being loved. They said that if you don’t know what you’re worth, other people won’t know it either.

They said that not knowing your worth would leave you alone, unloved, unappreciated.

This concept was inculcated in my mind for such a long time that when I heard someone say things differently, I was amazed. I thought that nothing could be supreme to loving and knowing yourself but then I was proven wrong.

Me and my new roommate were driving back to the city from our dorm and naturally, we began chatting about boys, and love, and self-worth. She said, “You should know your self-worth…” And as if that wasn’t enough she added, “Then go ahead and add some tax”.

She said that only by knowing your worth and then adding tax should you let yourself be out on the market. Because whatever you think your worth is actually like never matches up to your actual worth.

I guess she learned that “adding some tax” to your worth works because she is currently and finally in a happy relationship after a 3-year semi-toxic relationship.

I know I’ve probably mentioned “worth” in this post for at least 10 times and I’m sorry about it but I just thought that this was something worth writing.

At the end of our car ride, I reached the conclusion that maybe you’d know that a person truly loves you only if he’s willing to pay the “price” just to have you and more. That maybe if he can only see what you’ve got to offer, he is not looking close enough. Because if he truly cares for you, he’ll see things that even you yourself can’t see.

I hope that you all got something from this, and have a wonderful day/week!


Android App Review

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid or sponsored to write this application review. I just really love the lockscreen app so I decided that I should spread the word and help you guys find a good lockscreen application.

I’ve been on a hunt for a good lockscreen app ever since I’ve accidentally deleted my phone’s default lock screen system (Don’t ask me how it happened). I downloaded and installed a lot but failed to find the one that doesn’t crash, doesn’t have too much ads, etc.

Everything I’ve tried sucks but Next, which was new to Google Playstore  then, did wonders!

“Next” is a lock screen android application by Microsoft. According to their website, “Next helps protect your phone from unwanted access by others, and you are instantly more productive. It is an excellent productivity locker app and companion for your everyday life.”

It allows you to customize your wallpaper, access your WiFi, Bluetooth, battery, and phone orientation settings as well as your flashlight. It also gives you the freedom to choose up to 5 apps you want to have easy access on.

Now, I don’t want to bore you with all the technical details since most lockscreen apps are similar to one another. What I want to say however, is that among all the apps I’ve tried, this one is the most responsive, customizable, and user friendly of them all. It rarely crashes too!

So if you’re looking for a good lockscreen app, I think you should give “Next” a try.


Buon Gelato Cafe Review


My mother and I recently went on a date. (Yep… My mother is my only date). We were just walking around the mall and I needed some caffeine so we decided to try this cafe out.

Upon walking in, I immediately noticed the post-Valentine’s Day remnants on the decor. It irked me a bit since Valentine’s is long gone and so should the decorations be… But with that aside, the place is pretty nice. And by “nice” I mean it’s Instagrammable.


The price of coffee in Buon Gelato ranges from P80 to a little over P100 only ($2-$3). It’s pretty cheap and it’s quite nice too. I ordered a latte and was not disappointed. My mom’s cappuccino was nice too.

Aside from the coffee, we also decided to split on a slice of Caramel Cream Cake (A Bestseller, according to the cashier which my mom thought should be in the kitchen–for her lack of enthusiasm) and a serving of Chicken Pesto Pasta.  If I am not mistaken, the cake was only P99 and the Pesto was only P129.


The cake was mediocre, same with the pasta. “Caramel Cream Cake” would make you think that it is actually creamy and nice but except from the flan on top, it’s pretty dry. The Chicken Pesto Pasta also felt like it needed some more olive oil. The plating however, is good… It’s very Instagram friendly. However, I’m a firm believer that eating shouldn’t end on feeding the eyes. Food is only good if it feeds your eyes, tongue, and soul. Sadly, Buon Gelato is lacking on the latter criteria.


Would I go back? For the coffee, yes. For the food? Not so much. I didn’t check if they have free WiFi but I could see its potential as a working space. It’s not too crowded (unlike Starbucks) and the chairs are super nice too. Plus, I also failed to try their Gelatos. So yes, I’m pretty sure I’d go back still.

Service: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face

Ambiance: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face

Price: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face

Coffee: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-faceUntitled design (2).jpg

Over-all Rating: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face


A trip to San Joaquin!


San Joaquin is at the southern end of the Iloilo Province. From Iloilo City proper, it would take you approximately 2 hours to get to the town of San Joaquin.

You can either take a bus from the Ceres Bus Terminal in Molo, a Van from the same terminal, or a jeepney from Iloilo Supermarket. The fare would range from P40 ($0.80) to around P100 ($2) if you were to take the Van.

A trip to San Joaquin would be pleasant since the town itself and its neighboring towns are facing the Panay Gulf. You’d be welcomed by the cool breeze of the southern wind with a beautiful coastline view to match.


(All photos are taken using my smartphone)

Here’s why being healthy requires money.


Have you ever wanted to pursue a healthy lifestyle but always find yourself failing at it? That might either be because you’re not committed enough, you’re lazy, or that you don’t have enough money to maintain it.

Now I know I may sound like someone who is making excuses. I am failing at maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I’ve always thought that I am pathetically losing every battle because I’m a bum who doesn’t want to move her ass off the couch thus, resulting to me being overweight in certain areas of my body. And by certain areas of my body I actually mean, my whole body.

Okay fine, I may not be overweight as of the moment but I do know that my body is not on its prime state and if it continues being so, I may go back to being “that fat kid”. I am not trying to condone those who doesn’t have the ideal body that our society imposes, I am honestly against bullying and body shaming; but let’s all be honest that being fat may expose one to more health risks than one who has a healthy body—and the same thing goes for those who are super skinny.

I grew up overweight and I didn’t start losing the unwanted weight until I was on my first year of high school. Numerous relatives from my father’s side are either overweight or obese and because of that, I want to keep a healthy body. However, I always seem to fail.

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The Kind of Love I want.


Spoiler Alert: Full of The Vampire Diaries Spoilers.

A lot of TVD (The Vampire Diaries Fans) are thinking of how either Stefan and Elena or Damon and Elena had the most wonderful love story…

I used to think the same way too but then the last episode that I’ve watched changed everything.

I have always thought that if I ever fall in love, I would want something like the kind of love that Damon had for Elena. I thought I wanted the kind of love that consumes you. The kind that could make you do things you didn’t think you could. But 14 episodes in on the 7th season of the television  series, I realized that I want something far from that.

The episode reminded me of the heartbreaking love story that never happened and may never ever be. It reminded me of the greatest, most epic love that was Klaus’ for Caroline. They’re no star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet but for my own personal opinion, it was something more baffling than that.

In the series, Caroline’s first epic love was Tyler, a werewolf who had hard time controlling his emotions. Caroline then was just transformed into vampire and just like Tyler, was also having a hard time coping with her new life. They were able to bring out the best out of each other–and I swear back then I thought nothing could become more perfect than whatever the two of them had.

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