Here’s why being healthy requires money.


Have you ever wanted to pursue a healthy lifestyle but always find yourself failing at it? That might either be because you’re not committed enough, you’re lazy, or that you don’t have enough money to maintain it.

Now I know I may sound like someone who is making excuses. I am failing at maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I’ve always thought that I am pathetically losing every battle because I’m a bum who doesn’t want to move her ass off the couch thus, resulting to me being overweight in certain areas of my body. And by certain areas of my body I actually mean, my whole body.

Okay fine, I may not be overweight as of the moment but I do know that my body is not on its prime state and if it continues being so, I may go back to being “that fat kid”. I am not trying to condone those who doesn’t have the ideal body that our society imposes, I am honestly against bullying and body shaming; but let’s all be honest that being fat may expose one to more health risks than one who has a healthy body—and the same thing goes for those who are super skinny.

I grew up overweight and I didn’t start losing the unwanted weight until I was on my first year of high school. Numerous relatives from my father’s side are either overweight or obese and because of that, I want to keep a healthy body. However, I always seem to fail.

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20 Beauty Questions Tag

Okay, short disclaimer. I’m no beauty expert nor makeup guru so the answers you’ll see down below would be coming from a 19 year old stressed college student who knows nothing about professional skin care or makeup. So don’t you dare expect some fancy-a** tips here. Love you!

Hello guys! Sorry for being MIA for a while. I wasn’t able to keep up with my academic life and blogging went totally out of the picture. But since I have a few hours to spare today, let me tell you that I missed you all!!! *hugs and kisses*

I found this Beauty Questions tag at this blog and thought that since I can’t really write anything that’s with great thought and conceptualization at the moment, this kind of tag would do. Hope you like it and I promise I’ll post something nice soon!



How many times do you wash your face every day?

– It depends on how oily and dirty I get but I’d say twice a day is my average.

What skin type do you have? (dry, oily, or combination)

-Unfortunately I have a very oily skin.

What is your current facial wash?

-I’m using the free kojic soap that comes with the Dr. Alvin’s Rejuvinating Set.

Do you exfoliate?

-No. Maybe that’s why I have such a bad skin.

What brand of soap do you use?

-I’m currently using SkinWhite (the one with Papaya Extract) but what I actually love is the green one from Silka. It smells so damn good! You should try it!

What moisturizer do you use?

-If you’ve been reading my blogs, then you’ll know that I’m obsessed with iWhite Korea’s Aqua Moisturizer.

Do you have freckles?

-I wish. But no, I only have pimples *cries*.

Do you use eye creams?

-No, but I do use 4 in 1 night cream and some anti-aging eye roller.

Are you prone to acne?

-Yes, it runs in the blood *cries again*.

What’s your favorite skin care product?

-I guess it would be Dr. Alvin’s Rejuv Set. It really does wonders. (I’ll show you once my skin’s fully rejuvenated).


What foundation do you use?

-I don’t regularly use foundations (since it makes my acne go from acne to ACNE!!!!) but my current foundation is Mac’s Studio Fix at NC35.

How about concealer?

-Don’t really know how to use one….

Do you know your undertone?

-Nope. I just know that I’m Morena. That’s it.

What do you think of fake eyelashes?

-I like what they do to my eyes but I can’t commit to putting one everyday. It’s too much work for a lazy bum like me.

Did you know that you’re supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?

-Of course!……..I just don’t do it.

What brand of Mascara do you use?


What is your favorite eyeshadow shade?

-Neutrals. Anything neutral. (Brown, Taupe, Cream)

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?

-Both. But I do use liquid ones more.

How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner?

-Not much. I’M A PRO! Lol, totally kidding. But srsly, not that much.

Name a makeup crime that you hate.

-Ooooh. I hate uber dark and thick eyebrows. You know those girls channeling their inner Cara Delevingne? If you’re one of them… Girl, it just doesn’t work for everyone.


Product Review: iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer


I’ve been eyeing this moisturizer from iWhite Korea for quite some time now. Aside from its cute packaging, amazing reviews, and affordable price, what attracted me the most to try this product out is the fact that it’s available in a sachet. This is great especially for college students on a budget like me since we can test it out first to see if it suits us without having to buy an entire bottle.

This Aqua Moisturizer is just one amongst the vast beauty products that iWhite offers. They have everything from BB Creams, Whitening Creams, Nose Packs, and a whole lot more––all available as a sachet!

(On the front part it says that this moisturizer “deeply hydrates with non-greasy formula” which is understandable since this is a water-based moisturizer.)

This is very affordable for only ₱20.00/6ml sachet (bought mine at our town’s Mercury Drugstore) but I believe it’s  ₱23.00/6ml sachet at Watsons, and according to my research, you can get the full-sized bottle for only ₱120.00––still affordable though.


Photo from iWhite Korea’s Facebook page

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11 Things You Can Relate To if You’re Not Good on Instagram

  1. You see flat lays and you go:

  2. Then of course you try to do one and it ends up looking like this:

  3. This is you when you see feeds that are majestic AF and suddenly remember how your own feed looks like:

  4. When you try to fix your feed to make it look like this:

  5. But then it ends up looking like this:

  6. How you think you look like when you take Instagram pictures:

  7. How you actually look like:

  8. When you and your BFF takes a picture and you think you look like this:

  9. But then of course this is how you actually look like:

  10. Then you feel depressed because you know your Instagram sucks:giphy7
  11. But then you see someone who’s worse than you:giphy8

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TOP 10 YouTube Beauty Gurus

10 Beauty Gurus on YouTube You Should Subscribe to NOW!

(In no particular order | Photos aren’t mine)



Freddy My Love

Class, sophistication, and a wonderful accent. That’s what makes her and her YouTube account special. If all you want is a nice and chill makeup or DIY tutorial, then you should subscribe to her now! P.S. She also sings… and she sings well! Ugh. Why is she perfect???

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Ark Organics Commercial

10411266_1576670235988221_328783825224006369_nDenise Viray was the Chief Managing Director of her Advertising Group, Screenshots. They produced a 30-seconder beauty ad and community video For Ark Organics, an Organic Soap funded and produced by ARK (Advancement for Rural Kids) and was part of the SM City Iloilo Bugal sang Lokal Product Launching. Screenshots was able to win the Best Product Commercial Video for the Organic Soap.

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