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Recent Stop:

Zatazza Cafe

So I recently met up with an old friend and we planned to catch up over some coffee. We originally wanted to try out Madge Cafe in their Atria District Park branch since we’ve been hearing so many good reviews about it––all from the price (which I’ve heard only ranges from 55-a bit over 70 per cup), coffee, and place but unfortunately, as expected from a popular place like so, it was fulled to the brim when we got there.

And that’s how we ended up barging in to Zatazza Cafe.

My friend ordered an Iced Caramel Macchiato (₱130.00) and a slice of Baileys Irish Cream Cake (₱135.00) .


While being the sucker for a warm cup of good coffee that I am, I got a Latte (₱100.00) and my first ever slice of Red Velvet Cake (₱135.00) to pair it with.

The coffee was okay. There was nothing really special about it although it did keep me awake and running for the whole day so I guess that could be a redeeming factor.

The cake however, was for sure, a slice of heaven! I never understood what the hype with red velvet cakes were about but after having the first bite, I immediately understood what it was all about. I swear it’s amazing! It was also huge and heavy on the stomach that as much as I regret to admit it, I wasn’t able to finish the whole thing.


The place on the other hand was pretty standard. Couches, wood tables that were low enough to take good flatlays, and some generic coffee house music playing softly on the background.

Would I ever recommend it? If it was for a good coffee, meh. I think they could do better. But if all you want is to satisfy your sweet tooth, then go for it! I’m saying this because I’ve also tried my friend’s cake and it was absolutely amazing.

They could also do something about the place. I’ve seen better decor and ambiance and I think they should definitely up their game to keep up with all the new cafes popping up like mushrooms everywhere.

SERVICE: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face

AMBIANCE: pig-facepig-facepig-faceUntitled design (2).jpg

PRICE: pig-facepig-facepig-faceUntitled design (2).jpg + Untitled design (2).jpg (FOR DESSERTS) = pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face

COFFEE: pig-facepig-facepig-face

OVER-ALL RATING: pig-facepig-facepig-faceUntitled design (2).jpg