October Playlist


PARA SA MADALING MA-FALL trans: “For those who easily fall (in-love)

I made this playlist months ago. It was around the time when I realized that I fall for people easily. And it’s not like I intentionally do so. In fact, I used to think that I’m good at controlling my feelings.

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Eyes Closed


Hi guys! I don’t really know how I should feel about this entry…

I recently had a fun/ casual photoshoot with a friend and I thought it turned out really great and I can’t not share it with you all! So, even if I think it’s kind of narcissistic for me to post this one up, I’ll do because we’re celebrating my friend’s art and his skill to make me look nice, not my face. So, without further adieu, here are the shots from my good friend Seth Jason Tan.


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A Peek of Vigan (part 2)

Copy of NYCAs promised, I’m giving you another sneak peek of Vigan! This is basically Day 2 of our trip there and it’s all about food, food, food!

IMG_20170625_081931Here’s a photo of our breakfast: Bagnet with Egg and Papaitan from Irene’s Empanada! It was soooo good guys. And we also bought some more Bagnet for pasalubong!

After breakfast, we went straight to Baluarte, a famous zoo/ nature park owned by Chavit Singson. No entrance fee is needed to get into the zoo and parking space is also sufficient.IMG_20170625_094218

This is, for me, the best attraction in the place. It’s pure sugar cane juice with freshly squeezed lime! It’s so good guys! I don’t know if this is available anywhere else, but if you ever visit Vigan, go to Baluarte Zoo because this sugar cane juice is 100.1% worth it!IMG_20170625_095311

And you should also try their pasalubong carts! My top picks are the Tinubong (left) and the Peanut Rolls (that’s not how they’re really called but I can’t remember their actual name so… yeah)! Tinubongs are fun to eat and are also delicious! You’d have to whack it on a hard surface so it’d crack open before you can eat up the corn-cake filling inside. IMG_20170625_135832IMG_20170625_135618

Day 2 was cut short because we had to go back to Manila. But of course, on our way back, we stopped at another local karinderia for lunch. Just like Andoy’s, Viga Juan did not disappoint! We had some local dishes and fresh buko juice served and it was all delicious!

So if there’s a lesson that I learned here, it is that you don’t necessarily have to eat at the most expensive places to have a wonderful time. Sometimes, it’s the small-scale eateries like Andoy’s and Viga Juan that bears the best surprises.

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Vanilla CB

Hey there! How are you all doing? I hope you’re all doing well.

As for myself, I was just done with my finals and I really thought that I’d still have some time to rest a bit–but of course, life is unfair and I wasn’t able to get even a week’s worth of rest.

I am quite stressed out right now especially after having a not-so-emergency “emergency flight” to Manila in order to attend an interview for my internship. The plane fare was super expensive, the trip was on the same freakin’ day as my interview–and on top of all that, I’m broke and breaking out.

And yes, I passed the interview so even if I was broke (I’m using “was” but TBH I’m still broke), I still celebrated with a cupcake and a cup of coffee.

The interview was in Alabang so I went straight to Alabang Town Center. There, I found one of the cutest cafes I’ve seen so far: Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.


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Kulyatan Adventure

Copy of NYC

Now just a short disclaimer, I’m not one of those legit/filthy rich bloggers who goes on adventures every single day. The only reason that I happen to stumble upon this paradise was because of school work.

We’re currently shooting a teaser for our “TV Series” and Kulyatan Marine Sanctuary happened to be THE perfect place to shoot our underwater and seaside scenes. I don’t want to bore you with regards to our shoot’s details. So without further ado, here’s a couple (and more) pictures of this wonderland.

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FOODTOGRAPHY (Food + Photography)

DISCLAIMER: Shots are captured using only Lenovo-a7000+ smartphone.


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Knowing your worth is not enough


Knowing your worth

I am not so sure about you guys, but ever since I hit puberty, I was constantly reminded, by my mom and friends, to know my worth. My worth as a girl, my worth as a person.

They said that only by knowing this would one find herself being loved. They said that if you don’t know what you’re worth, other people won’t know it either.

They said that not knowing your worth would leave you alone, unloved, unappreciated.

This concept was inculcated in my mind for such a long time that when I heard someone say things differently, I was amazed. I thought that nothing could be supreme to loving and knowing yourself but then I was proven wrong.

Me and my new roommate were driving back to the city from our dorm and naturally, we began chatting about boys, and love, and self-worth. She said, “You should know your self-worth…” And as if that wasn’t enough she added, “Then go ahead and add some tax”.

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Android App Review

Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid or sponsored to write this application review. I just really love the lockscreen app so I decided that I should spread the word and help you guys find a good lockscreen application.

I’ve been on a hunt for a good lockscreen app ever since I’ve accidentally deleted my phone’s default lock screen system (Don’t ask me how it happened). I downloaded and installed a lot but failed to find the one that doesn’t crash, doesn’t have too much ads, etc.

Everything I’ve tried sucks but Next, which was new to Google Playstore  then, did wonders!

“Next” is a lock screen android application by Microsoft. According to their website, “Next helps protect your phone from unwanted access by others, and you are instantly more productive. It is an excellent productivity locker app and companion for your everyday life.”

It allows you to customize your wallpaper, access your WiFi, Bluetooth, battery, and phone orientation settings as well as your flashlight. It also gives you the freedom to choose up to 5 apps you want to have easy access on.

Now, I don’t want to bore you with all the technical details since most lockscreen apps are similar to one another. What I want to say however, is that among all the apps I’ve tried, this one is the most responsive, customizable, and user friendly of them all. It rarely crashes too!

So if you’re looking for a good lockscreen app, I think you should give “Next” a try.