About the Blog

Dainty Daydreams

 Dainty [adj.]  – of delicate beauty; exquisite

Denise [noun] – a teenage girl with high hopes and big dreams

   Dainty Daydreams, a lifestyle blog (I don’t really know what a lifestyle blog is, but it sounds nice so let’s just go with it 😉), was published on the month of June year 2016. To be totally honest with you, Dainty Daydreams was published for the mere purpose of serving as a “portfolio” of some sort for the author.

   Blogs are excellent when it comes to showcasing one’s creativity and ideas; it also reflects the personality of the author. By the way, if you’re currently enjoying this blog, you should thank the author’s anxiety because without it, this blog would never materialize.

   If you’re into weird shit and satirical humor, then I believe you’d enjoy this blog. Just don’t expect too much because this is not some fancy blog with fancy posts and Instagram worthy pictures. Instead, this would be full of bathroom thoughts, midnight rants, and occasionally, some sensible ideas that might or might not help you.