About the Author


Born and raised in the busy streets of Makati, Denise learned how to toughen up and deal with things on her own.

She grew up firmly believing in the feminist quote, “I’m a strong independent woman who needs no man.” Without dismissing the fact that being treated like a princess once in a while, can be quite nice too.

Currently studying Communication and Media Studies in the main campus of the University of the Philippines Visayas, her main goal is to pass her subjects, graduate, and land a job she’d love. Denise is hoping to get her hands on a career that would let her broaden her network, meet new people, learn new things, and sharpen her skills.

Being a self-proclaimed coffee addict though, she won’t function without her daily dose of caffeine. And she’s not the type that would only drink something if it’s decaf, brewed, and from Starbucks, no. Anything that smells like coffee and tastes like coffee would do. Yep, that’s how bad it is.

Now, aside from drowning herself in caffeine, Denise also loves a good book –preferably romance, to serve as an escape in this world that certainly lacks loyalty and chivalry. Top that up with some acoustic indie or indie pop softly playing in the background, and she’d be on cloud nine.

Denise is also a frustrated psychology student. If not for all the math that the course requires, maybe she’d be taking that up. She loves psyching people up, hearing people’s problems, and giving them (mostly unsolicited) advise. Although on times like that, she’s not entirely sure if it’s her super hero syndrome kicking in or just the typical nosy Denise disease.

Now to prevent this from becoming a full-blown weirdly written autobiography, if you want to know more about her, I suggest for you to click that follow button, read her blogs, and check her out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Happy Reading!