Knowing your worth is not enough


Knowing your worth

I am not so sure about you guys, but ever since I hit puberty, I was constantly reminded, by my mom and friends, to know my worth. My worth as a girl, my worth as a person.

They said that only by knowing this would one find herself being loved. They said that if you don’t know what you’re worth, other people won’t know it either.

They said that not knowing your worth would leave you alone, unloved, unappreciated.

This concept was inculcated in my mind for such a long time that when I heard someone say things differently, I was amazed. I thought that nothing could be supreme to loving and knowing yourself but then I was proven wrong.

Me and my new roommate were driving back to the city from our dorm and naturally, we began chatting about boys, and love, and self-worth. She said, “You should know your self-worth…” And as if that wasn’t enough she added, “Then go ahead and add some tax”.

She said that only by knowing your worth and then adding tax should you let yourself be out on the market. Because whatever you think your worth is actually like never matches up to your actual worth.

I guess she learned that “adding some tax” to your worth works because she is currently and finally in a happy relationship after a 3-year semi-toxic relationship.

I know I’ve probably mentioned “worth” in this post for at least 10 times and I’m sorry about it but I just thought that this was something worth writing.

At the end of our car ride, I reached the conclusion that maybe you’d know that a person truly loves you only if he’s willing to pay the “price” just to have you and more. That maybe if he can only see what you’ve got to offer, he is not looking close enough. Because if he truly cares for you, he’ll see things that even you yourself can’t see.

I hope that you all got something from this, and have a wonderful day/week!



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