Buon Gelato Cafe Review


My mother and I recently went on a date. (Yep… My mother is my only date). We were just walking around the mall and I needed some caffeine so we decided to try this cafe out.

Upon walking in, I immediately noticed the post-Valentine’s Day remnants on the decor. It irked me a bit since Valentine’s is long gone and so should the decorations be… But with that aside, the place is pretty nice. And by “nice” I mean it’s Instagrammable.


The price of coffee in Buon Gelato ranges from P80 to a little over P100 only ($2-$3). It’s pretty cheap and it’s quite nice too. I ordered a latte and was not disappointed. My mom’s cappuccino was nice too.

Aside from the coffee, we also decided to split on a slice of Caramel Cream Cake (A Bestseller, according to the cashier which my mom thought should be in the kitchen–for her lack of enthusiasm) and a serving of Chicken Pesto Pasta.  If I am not mistaken, the cake was only P99 and the Pesto was only P129.


The cake was mediocre, same with the pasta. “Caramel Cream Cake” would make you think that it is actually creamy and nice but except from the flan on top, it’s pretty dry. The Chicken Pesto Pasta also felt like it needed some more olive oil. The plating however, is good… It’s very Instagram friendly. However, I’m a firm believer that eating shouldn’t end on feeding the eyes. Food is only good if it feeds your eyes, tongue, and soul. Sadly, Buon Gelato is lacking on the latter criteria.


Would I go back? For the coffee, yes. For the food? Not so much. I didn’t check if they have free WiFi but I could see its potential as a working space. It’s not too crowded (unlike Starbucks) and the chairs are super nice too. Plus, I also failed to try their Gelatos. So yes, I’m pretty sure I’d go back still.

Service: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face

Ambiance: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face

Price: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face

Coffee: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-faceUntitled design (2).jpg

Over-all Rating: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face



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