A trip to San Joaquin!


San Joaquin is at the southern end of the Iloilo Province. From Iloilo City proper, it would take you approximately 2 hours to get to the town of San Joaquin.

You can either take a bus from the Ceres Bus Terminal in Molo, a Van from the same terminal, or a jeepney from Iloilo Supermarket. The fare would range from P40 ($0.80) to around P100 ($2) if you were to take the Van.

A trip to San Joaquin would be pleasant since the town itself and its neighboring towns are facing the Panay Gulf. You’d be welcomed by the cool breeze of the southern wind with a beautiful coastline view to match.


(All photos are taken using my smartphone)


8 thoughts on “A trip to San Joaquin!

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  2. thegreynomadblog says:

    Great read, Denise!!! 😍 You should also try visiting Siargao Island, it’s our most recent visit and we can say that it is really amazing. Especially if you’re into adrenaline-pumping water activities like surfing!

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