The Kind of Love I want.


Spoiler Alert: Full of The Vampire Diaries Spoilers.

A lot of TVD (The Vampire Diaries Fans) are thinking of how either Stefan and Elena or Damon and Elena had the most wonderful love story…

I used to think the same way too but then the last episode that I’ve watched changed everything.

I have always thought that if I ever fall in love, I would want something like the kind of love that Damon had for Elena. I thought I wanted the kind of love that consumes you. The kind that could make you do things you didn’t think you could. But 14 episodes in on the 7th season of the television  series, I realized that I want something far from that.

The episode reminded me of the heartbreaking love story that never happened and may never ever be. It reminded me of the greatest, most epic love that was Klaus’ for Caroline. They’re no star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet but for my own personal opinion, it was something more baffling than that.

In the series, Caroline’s first epic love was Tyler, a werewolf who had hard time controlling his emotions. Caroline then was just transformed into a vampire and just like Tyler, was also having a hard time coping with her new life. They were able to bring out the best out of each other—and I swear back then I thought nothing could become more perfect than whatever the two of them had.

And then Klaus came into the picture. His timing was amiss… but his love was indubitable.

They never came to be and that broke my heart. If only Klaus came a bit earlier everything could’ve been different. But maybe it wasn’t meant to happen differently.

They parted ways and Caroline fell for Stefan. Their story was not something quite moving as Tyler and Caroline’s, but it was something different. I was almost convinced that they’re good for each other but then Klaus came into the picture—again. 

And so I was reminded of how Klaus, the most selfish and oppressive man on the series, can be selfless and kind for Caroline. That’s why if I ever fall in love, I would want someone who could love, accept, and sacrifice for me just like how Klaus can for Caroline.

I want something that not even werewolves, and vampires, and witches can stop.



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