Things They Don’t Tell You about being a UP Student

Alright, since it’s still on the chill season of the semester, I figured that I should start writing a few blogs to be productive.

What inspired me to write this post is the fact that over the summer break and through the years, I’ve heard so many misconceptions about UP students and it irked me that I can’t do much about it. So here I am, hoping that anyone out there who can read this blog post would finally understand how the system and the students work.

Plus, every time I say that I am a UP student, I can feel that there is already this preconceived notion about me that usually prevents people to see pass through me being just another Up student who’s either super smart, rebellious, bookish, or an activist.

Short Disclaimer: All of this is based purely on my observations and experience and may or may not be a bit exaggerated. *wink*
  1. Not all of us graduated High School as Valedictorian/Salutatorian. (I wasn’t even part of my class’ Top 10 which is only proof that just because you didn’t do well in High School does not mean that you won’t do well on College… well sort of.) 

  2. More than half of the student’s population owns an Iphone or a Macbook. (Considering that this is widely conceived to be the university for the poor…)

  3. Not everyone is open-minded but everyone thinks and pretends that they are.

  4. We don’t know what we’re doing most of the time.

  5. The pressure to know everything from politics to biodiversity is real!

  6. Kopiko 78° is every student’s bestfriend. (This is not sponsored)

  7. Not everyone is qualified/capable of running for Suma/ Magna/ Cum Laude like everyone thinks so.

  8. People outside UP thinks that “hell week” is exams week… but in reality, “hell week” is literally a student’s normal week.

  9. On Mondays we’re basically millionaires. The days after that are just….

  10. We firmly believe that 3.0 is just a number.And this is what we want to say to everyone who got 1.0 on the last exam:

Thanks for reading! For comments, suggestions, or violent reactions, please leave them on the comment section down below!!



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