Zark’s Burger Iloilo Review



Zark’s Burger Iloilo is located at the New Wing, Lower Ground floor of SM City Iloilo. It’s famous for its tagline: “The greasier the better.” But is it really?

The place is pretty standard. They have good decor: red walls, photos of champions (which I think supports the whole ‘gigantic burgers’ and ‘food for the champ’ concept of this restaurant), and of course a frame of people who won the burger challenges. We came here on a Sunday and a lunch time, and I know that it’s understandable that we don’t get a seat right away… but it was a bit disappointing to see some staff walking past the podium without even acknowledging our presence or asking if we were able to have a reservation already. We (me and my family) stood in front of the podium for a full 2 minutes before my mom called the attention of a crew member to ask for a seat. Once seated though, a staff immediately cleared the table and gave us the menu.

Me, my mom, and my sister all ordered the Zark’s Ultimate Burger (1/4 pound Cheeseburger with cheese sauce on a bed of fresh veggies, topped with sauteed mushrooms and bacon) for ₱150.00 each. While my brother got the Jawbreaker (Triple Cheeseburger with spam, bacon, and overflowing cheese sauce) which is also served with 400g of fries for only ₱290.00 but you can get for free if you finish it within 5 minutes.

For all the Minor League Burgers, you’d have to add  ₱35.00 for fries and drinks and add ₱60.00 for fries and bottomless drinks.For Major League Burgers on the other hand, all you need to do is add ₱35.00 to get bottomless drinks since it’s all served with fries already.


Zark’s Ultimate Burger

The burgers were okay. You do need to add some condiments to make it tastier since I figured it’s served a bit bland to allow the customers to season it as they please. Was it greasy? Not really. For a burger that I can’t even hold with my hands, the grease was tolerable.

I do think they could improve with the fries, though. It was cold and soggy––like it’s been left out in the open so I think they should do something about that.

Now if you’re someone on the budget, Zark’s Burger may not be the best option for you. Their burgers range from ₱110.00 – ₱555.00 for their infamous Tombstone burger (that you can get free of charge if you finish it in 10 minutes.). Aside from burgers, they also offer rice meals, nachos, and all that good stuff which you may want to try but if all you want is to have a taste of authentic Yankee style burgers, you should definitely check it out.

Service: pig-facepig-facepig-faceUntitled design (2).jpg

Ambiance: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-faceUntitled design (2).jpg

Price: pig-facepig-facepig-faceUntitled design (2).jpg

Food: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-faceUntitled design (2).jpg

Over-all Rating: pig-facepig-facepig-facepig-face




2 thoughts on “Zark’s Burger Iloilo Review

  1. Jakey @ Tarot and Coffee says:

    They also have a “not-so-secret” burger. It’s not listed on the menu, but if you’ll tell them the burger’s name, they’ll serve it for you. It’s called “bacon-wrapped burger” and that’s really what it is. Burger with thick beef patty and veggies, and the whole burger is wrapped in bacon. As in, BACON. 😀 I miss that thing, really.


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