Product Review: iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizer


I’ve been eyeing this moisturizer from iWhite Korea for quite some time now. Aside from its cute packaging, amazing reviews, and affordable price, what attracted me the most to try this product out is the fact that it’s available in a sachet. This is great especially for college students on a budget like me since we can test it out first to see if it suits us without having to buy an entire bottle.

This Aqua Moisturizer is just one amongst the vast beauty products that iWhite offers. They have everything from BB Creams, Whitening Creams, Nose Packs, and a whole lot more––all available as a sachet!

(On the front part it says that this moisturizer “deeply hydrates with non-greasy formula” which is understandable since this is a water-based moisturizer.)

This is very affordable for only ₱20.00/6ml sachet (bought mine at our town’s Mercury Drugstore) but I believe it’s  ₱23.00/6ml sachet at Watsons, and according to my research, you can get the full-sized bottle for only ₱120.00––still affordable though.


Photo from iWhite Korea’s Facebook page

For the actual moisturizer, it’s unlike most that’s in the market that comes either creamy white or transparent in color since this one comes in blue. I was actually apprehensive about it at first but once you start blending it out, it turns into this “magical” transparent droplets of water! I wish I can have a picture to show you but my phone’s camera is crappy so you won’t see the details.


A little goes along way with this product and I find that it makes my skin soft and supple after application. Also, it doesn’t feel greasy since it’s a water-based moisturizer and is oil free.

It does have a semi-strong scent to it that reminds me of a faint baby cologne, which I don’t mind but can be a bit too much for some with very sensitive sense of smell. But don’t worry, because once you start rubbing it into your skin, the smell would just disappear.

I have also used this under my makeup and I could say that this works as a good base since again, it makes your skin soft and smooth, so applying makeup would be a breeze. And if you’re fan of skin whitening products, you should definitely try this out because aside from being a moisturizer, it also doubles up as a whitening day cream.

Did it cause some breakouts? Well I have a very sensitive skin and I’m very prone to acne but I’ve been using this product for about a week now… and so far I haven’t had any so thumbs up to that.

Now this product also claims to:

  • Prevent premature aging
  • Protect skin from cellular damage
  • Hydrate, and
  • Maintain firmness of skin

And as said on the back part, this product is refined by Bio-Nanotechnology which gives ingredients increased potency in order to effectively take care of your skin. Sounds awesome right?

Aside from that, I also like how it lists down the active ingredients (e.g., Mulberry Root extract which helps in skin whitening and rejuvenation, Panax Ginseng Root Extract which improves complexion and is known for its anti-ageing benefits, and Green Tea leaf extract which can decrease wrinkles and even promote collagen production) and the other “normal” ingredients separately on the packaging. This way, it’s easier for consumers to know if the product can actually perform as it claims.


  • Cheap price
  • Water based non-greasy formula; good for people with sensitive skin like me (I’ve been using this for a week and I didn’t breakout)
  • Adorable packaging
  • Has whitening agents
  • Contains active ingredients which are very beneficial to the skin
  • Halal Certified which means it is free from certain chemicals
  • It shows the manufacturing and expiry date of the product on the packaging
  • Cool transformation from translucent blue – tiny transparent droplets of water
  • Available in most drugstores and convenient stores


  • Scent can be a disturbing for some


Over-all, I can really say nothing bad about this product. I think it’s great, cheap, and works even better than some moisturizers I’ve tried. So if you’re going to ask me if I will repurchase this product again, that’s gonna be a yes!

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