My First Tinder Experience 🔥

Okay, so for the past few weeks, nothing exciting is really happening in my life. Summer vacation would be fun if I have money but I obviously don’t… so I spent most of my vacation on watching YouTube videos, ghost writing for some clients, sleeping and eating all day––and that routine is getting kind of boring. So I decided to try out Tinder 🔥for the very first time!

Initially, I got a bit overwhelmed about everything. There’s too much going on and I didn’t knew that it would be connected to Facebook! (You guys, I almost had a heart attack thinking that my family and friends would know that I’m on a dating site!)

First you’d have to set up your profile, you can link your Facebook account information for everything to be easier but I didn’t want to do that so I set up an entire account from scratch… Then the swiping game would begin..

It did entertain me at first. My matches came in a little too slow at first since I was very picky and was still adapting to the left-right swiping motions (I’m not really good with distinguishing left and right) but after a while, I got the hang of it.

Now, I did see a pattern on Tinder.

  1. Shirtless Guys – Maybe to attract more girls? But nah. It sounds too “Swipe right and we’ll f*ck later!” for me so I never swipe right.

  2. Tricky Group Pictures – Why??? Like how am I supposed to know which one are you??giphy10
  3. People lying about their age – Your profile says your 21 but you obviously look like your 70 so why bother lying? #Creep #Pedo #Liar

  4. Cars. Cars. Cars. – Girls aren’t that materialistic you know! (Or are we?)giphy12
  5. Awkward “Hey”s – Please tell me the right way to start a chat. 😂😂😂

Yep. Those are just some of the things I’ve observed on my 1-day stay on Tinder. So yes, I deleted my account because 1, it failed to entertain me after 24 hours, 2, everything was too easy… there’s basically no challenge at all and 3, it’s just something that I don’t really enjoy.

So that was my Tinder experience and observations. How about you? Have you tried Tinder before? If yes, please share your own experience on the comments section down below and if you haven’t, well that’s okay. You’re not missing out anything.



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