TOP 10 YouTube Beauty Gurus

10 Beauty Gurus on YouTube You Should Subscribe to NOW!

(In no particular order | Photos aren’t mine)



Freddy My Love

Class, sophistication, and a wonderful accent. That’s what makes her and her YouTube account special. If all you want is a nice and chill makeup or DIY tutorial, then you should subscribe to her now! P.S. She also sings… and she sings well! Ugh. Why is she perfect???



Janina Vela

She’s young, fun, and very energetic! If you like pink, glitters, and sunshine, you’ll surely love her. Oh! BTW, she’s fairly new to YouTube  but she’s already got a considerable amount of subscribers… Now, I believe that’s enough proof that she’s awesome.




Oh.. Bunny 😍  I don’t know about you guys. But I like the fact that she’s quirky, bold, and she flaunts her imperfections! It’s rare to see “Beauty Gurus” to appear bare face and all; but Bunny does it all the time! I mean, I can’t even justify how funny, spirited, and amazing she is. I’m just proud to say that I’m a part of the Swamp Family. P.S. SWAMP QUEEN Tarte Palette is out!!




If you don’t know her, you’re probably living under a rock your entire life! I mean she’s English, cheeky, and absolutely gorgeous. She also has a lot of YouTube friends who’re equally amazing. She also does great “What’s in my Bag” Videos… So if you’re into that, go check her out! 🙂



Anne Clutz

She’s definitely one of my favorite Filipina YouTuber. Aside from the fact that we have the same skin type (SUPER OILY), which is useful for me to know which product works well for my skin, she also gives honest reviews and I think that’s always a huge A+.



Ingrid Nilsen

This girl made history. I think she became a legend when she bared her soul to the entire YouTube community and told us about her sexuality. I think it takes someone who’s really brave to admit and take pride for something that sadly, a lot of people still thinks sh*t about. If you want to be inspired and entertained, you should subscribe to her now.




Shay Mitchell

It doesn’t matter if you watch Pretty Little Liars or not, Shay Mitchell is gonna be amazing either way. It’s a shame that I  just found out about her YouTube Channel now… but I subscribed the moment I knew. If you want to get outtakes from PLL or just want some makeup tutorials, she’s the one you need.



Michelle Dy 

She’s absolutely gorgeous! And I’ve never seen her makeup NOT on fleek. She does amazing tutorials, outfit ideas, and all that cool stuff. Oh, and one “small” thing, SHE’S GOT HER OWN MAKEUP LINE!!! How to be you po?



Clothesencounters – I love her personality. She’s very sweet, humble, and nice and it really reflects on her videos.  Her tutorials are so simple and doable… I’m sure you’ll love her.  Oh, BTW, she also rocks at making styling videos that are absolute perfection.





Lauren Curtis – This girl does one of the best Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials! Swear! I don’t know if it looks great because it’s on her or she’s really just talented. If you want good tips and tricks to perfect that night time look, you should check her out.


Any more Beauty Gurus YOU think I should check out? Share them on the comment section below!



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