Disclaimer: Okay, I just want to put this out there right away. I am not some legit freelancer. Like those who are actually members social groups for the virtual community and whatnot. I just write a couple of articles here and there. 😜


What inspired me to write this blog post is the phone call that my mom got. By the way, my mom is the one who’s really a virtual assistant/ freelancer. She handles real estate, agencies, and all that complicated stuff––anyway, as I was saying, the phone call she got was from a client. Seeing my mom working hard like that reminded me of the misconceptions people often assume about her and her job.

When I first told someone about her job, the reaction I got was beyond insulting and ridiculous. I’m good friends with that person but it still irked me when what he told me after I said my mom  was a home-based freelancer was, “Weh? Baka nagpapakita lang yan ng boobs sa mga ‘kano!” (“Really? Maybe she’s just showing her boobs to American Patrons!”).

It’s sad how people have that sort of stereotyping for home-based freelancers. I am aware that the number of sex workers and cybersex issues here in the Philippines is rampant, but that doesn’t make all home-based workers one of them.

The population of home-based freelancers and virtual assistants are growing; but the number of people who knows what they really  do is sadly lacking. I really hate it when people assume stuff and pretend they know things––when it’s clear that they don’t know a thing. So here’s a list of common misconceptions about freelancing that frustrates the hell out of me:

  • All they do is post stuff on Facebook and they earn thousands! This is slightly true, but posting stuff on social media is not the only thing they do. It’s so much more than that––some even requires proper training.
  • Freelancing’s easy.  Nope. Nooooope. If you think it is easy then research about it and try to tell me that again.
  • Freelancing is an excuse for bums. People think that freelancers are for spineless bums who don’t want to work hard to earn a living.
  • If you want some easy money, try freelancing. Not true at all. Almost everything is hard in freelancing, especially if you’re just starting out.
  • It’s boring. Yes you are usually working home alone as a freelancer, but seeing that you’re working virtually, you’ll also gather new friends–virtually, of course.
  • Freelancing is solely for the younger generation. No. I know some of my mom’s colleagues who are old enough to be my grandparents. I even know a freelance content writer like me who’s already 73 years old. 😆


Alright, that’s it guys! Thank you for reading and if you agree that misconceptions about freelancers like this should be eradicated, like this post!

Also, feel free to share your thoughts about this at the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you! ☺



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