10 Reasons Why I Don’t Have a Boyfriend

Yep. I don’t.

  1. I was broken too many times before. 
    • I’ve had too many bad experiences with love that sometimes, I’m too scared to give a part of myself to anyone and let them see through the walls I’ve built. It didn’t help that my father was the one who broke my heart first. Imagine the trauma.
  2. The ratio of guys & gays is just… sad.
    • There are a lot of cute guys out there—and that’s usually a good sign. Unfortunately, most of them like cute guys too. I’ve had my heart broken a couple of times because of the cute guys I thought were looking at me because they think I’m cute—only to realize they’re looking at me because they like the shade of my lipstick or they liked how I winged my eyeliner. 😭
  3. Commitment scares me.
    • Having someone to share everything you do with sounds… suffocating. Being confined in a relationship makes me feel both thrilled and scared. So at this point, it’s really not you. It’s me.
  4. I’m weird.
    • No, seriously. I am. I love weird sh*t. I do weird sh*t. Sometimes I think I’m bipolar or something (yep, that’s self-diagnosis right there). I love blood and gore (organs out, livers mashed, and all)… but I also love rainbows, and unicorns, and sparkles.
  5. I’d rather sleep than go on a date.
    • Dates requires dressing up—and don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up. It’s just that why would you want to subdue yourself in a day of fake laughs and high heels when you can have a day of pajamas and pizzas?
  6. I always expect something bad is gonna happen.
    • I don’t know if that makes me a pessimist who always sees the worst in things or a realist who’ve had enough experience to know what’s going to happen… eventually.
  7. I get scared every time.
    • I try my best to have a tough facade but in reality, I’m a coward. I act as if I was born ready, but nope. Nu-uh, I’m a very awkward person especially when it comes to “dealing with men” stuff. Also, as I’ve mentioned, I’m weird. I really need some processing time to filter my thoughts in order for me to sound normal.
  8. I love “Me Times”.
    • Whether it’s dining out, shopping, or watching a movie, I prefer doing it by myself. Of course I also love being with my friends but there are those time when you’re with friends and you all can’t agree or decide what and where to eat. That annoys the hell out of me.
  9. I’m emotional.
    • Boy’s don’t like emotional. Sadly, I’m an emotional mess. I tear up just from hearing an excerpt of a sad movie. And when I start crying, there’s no turning back. Who wants that?
  10. I’m not good at keeping promises.
    • Relationships involves promises. And I’m bad—no, terrible at keeping promises. I don’t think I could keep something as big as a relationship if I can’t keep something as small as a promise.





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